Illustration Friday: Imagine
(a whole tree from a seed)


Ian Sands said...

Great use of the word. My kid is fascinated by stuff that grows so this is right on.


Hey I went to SVA too!

kikazinha said...

Lovely lines. And as an illustrator with a Tree obsession...of course I found your idea wonderful!

steve said...

Nice and simple and beautifully stylized image. It's amazing how some of the most incredible things aren't from science fiction or fantasy, but from right here on Earth.

Alexa Brett said...

I love your style: simple elegant lines. Great illo!

ValGalArt said...

this is so lovely, the movement, colours and idea are perfection!

The Tart said...

Simply beautiful.

The Tart

Tony Sarrecchia said...

Very sweet. Great line work.

Aravis said...

What a beautiful concept and illustration!

David said...

This is great, I love the expressions and color in this illo. Good job!

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