Working Artist Show at the Kennebunk Free Library

Jamie Hogan

Judith Hunt

Leticia Plate


The WORKING ARTISTS SHOW, organized by the Maine Illustrators' Collective, will be featuring art by many nationally known and internationally published artists at Kennebunk Free Library in Hank's Room, a gallery space, in Kennebunk, ME.
Show runs July 2nd-July 31st
Artist's Reception is July 8th 4:30-7:30pm The public is welcome.
This show, featuring professional, commercial artists was created to promote public awareness of an art form usually seen for a few fleeting moments in print or film. Most consumers are unaware of the background behind producing commercial art: the time, thought, and skill. Advertising art, design, and illustration, once considered less than fine art, is now highly collectible in print and original form, with some of the best commercial artists' work, such as Andy Warhol's, Norman Rockwell's, and N. C. Wyeth's, being in art museum collections around the world.
Commercial artists are disciplined and highly skilled artists doing the business of art; producing their contracted art while accommodating their own family's needs, dealing with tight budgets, constantly creating “new” and inspired work, learning new skills as digital demands and software continue to change, negotiating with clients, all the while meeting often impossible deadlines.
These " invisible artists" rarely, if ever, show their imaginative illustrations or beautiful design work in original form to the public. Hidden by the limitations of reproduction the many tiny pen, pencil, and pastel strokes, brushwork, beautiful color blends on acid-free papers and boards are usually “hidden” away in flat files right after being scanned and printed.
The WORKING ARTISTS SHOW is pleased to present work by:
Andy J Smith
Gabe McPhail
Joel Zain Rivers
Nicole Fazio
Nancy Cooper Funk
Jamie Hogan
Jessica Lynn Clark
Judith Hunt
Patricia Sharp SHARP DESIGN’S STUDIO & GALLERY Milbridge, Maine
Pat Wooldridge
Leticia Plate
Christia Siravo
Katie Diamond
Michael Boardman
Helen Stevens
Roz Davis
Wade Zahares /

Come see a truly unique art show! Original art and prints will be for sale.
The Maine Illustrators' Collective (MEIC) is an informal collective of illustrators and designers meeting in Portland once a month to brain storm, critique new work, give support, share ideas, and offer advice on promoting each other's work. They also organize events, talks and shows.
MEICwebsite is Blog:


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