a prize and a new competition...

Our Honeycrisp Apple Display won!

"Portland was the first recipient of the National Produce Display Award for our Honeycrisp Apples display! We received our award today from the Global Produce Coordinator, John Walker and Regional Coordinator, Bill McGowan. This is a tremendous honor for our Produce Team Leader, Matt Whitten, and the entire Produce Team. Special thanks for making it all happen to our Store Team Leader Marissa Perry, ASTL Doug Brown, Marketing Team Leader Barbara Gulino and our wonderful sign makers Wendy Graham and Leticia Plate. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to create and maintain the display, as well as to Barbara for creating so many events around the Honeycrisp Apples."

Link to previous entry about this: http://letile.blogspot.com/2009/10/wfm-apples-display.html

Now, next contest... this time is "Shrimpsgiving"
Here are some pictures (it was so much fun to do, a silly homage to Norman Rockwell's "Freedom from Want")

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